More about the Wine Review

A lot of wine websites can offer you advice on recommended wines to buy. Most are usually driven by just one persons opinion (be they expert or enthusiastic amateur), but wine is a world of different tastes and preferences. Also often it can be difficult to separate genuine opinion from commercial interest.

The Wine Review website has no invested interest in promoting one wine over another……. our only goal to help you appreciate and enjoy your own taste in wine! The Wine Review is simply about your own experience of the wines you’ve enjoyed and think they’re good enough to recommend to others. After all, with so many wines out there, we all like a new discovery!

Once you’ve submitted your review and uploaded it’s information, others are then allowed to comment on your review, just as you can comment on any other reviews, it means every wine has a broad opinion base. After all, whilst there’s not mistaking a good wine, wine is about personal tastes!!

There is also a ratings system were people can individually rate each wine out of 12 (or a full case!!!), it means you can quickly spot a popular wine, genuinely liked by the most people.

On the Wine Review you can search all the reviews by a simple word search if you’re trying to find something specific. You can tailor your search by Country, Grape type and/or wine type, and even add a key word into the search if required. You can also search the categories for something within a certain price range. It’s very easy to find what you’re looking for or find recommendations from others of the sort of wine you enjoy.

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